Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi International Airport handled 22.3 million passengers in 2018 and is investing to facilitate future growth, with its $3 billion Midfield Terminal Building. The new terminal is designed to handle over 8,500 people per hour and will increase the airports capacity by up to 45 million passengers per year. Etihad is striving to provide the best passenger experience to their customer sat this new terminal.


Elenium signed a partnership with Etihad Airways enabling the airline to white label Elenium’s Voyager app. Supported by Amazon Web Services, the Elenium Voyager App enables a completely seamless airport experience. Etihad Airways will also install Elenium’s self-service transfer kiosks and bagdrop in phases at the new Midfield Terminal in Abu Dhabi. 

Using biometrics, voice recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, Voyager eliminates the need to scan boarding passes, manual data entry and confusing user interfaces. Under the new technology, passengers check-in to their flight and register their biometric data on their mobile device before arriving at the airport, reducing queues at the airport. Using biometrics, passengers are identified and offered a personalised duty-free shopping experience through a voice interactive display.

Using AI, new baggage-drop terminals will scan and memorise each suitcase placed on the belt and assign it to the guest reservation, removing the need for tagged luggage.

Portable customer service kiosks will be available throughout the terminal to assist with airport information while passengers will board their flight by walking through boarding channels which will automatically validate them without the need for a printed boarding pass.

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