Avalon Airport

Before COVID Avalon Airport operated passenger flights for Jetstar, AirAsia and Citilink. Driven by airline and passenger demand, Avalon Airport has invested in self-service and automation technology in the terminal to replace manual check-in desks to drive greater efficiency, increased terminal capacity potential and ensure the traveller experience is simple, predictable and consistent.


Avalon Airport is the first airport in Australia to adopt Elenium’s full suite of touchless automation technologies, including its self-service check-in kiosks, bag drop technology, CUSS (Common User Self Service) platform and ‘Flight Deck’ software, which will enable Avalon’s operational team to have an overview of events across their entire kiosk and bag drop portfolio, resolving issues before they occur.

Avalon Airport sees providing a touchless experience as a solution that improves accessibility for a range of travellers, including those with disabilities. During a time where people are more weary than ever of physical contact, it also allows Avalon to offer a safe travel experience through a touchless channel chosen by the passenger.

The scope of the Elenium solution at Avalon covers 16 common use, portable, self-service touchless kiosks enabling a fast and user-friendly check-in process and can be moved around the airport as needed. The kiosks also feature Elenium’s unique retractable keyboard that allows the kiosks to be transformed into an agent terminal.

Elenium have also installed eight hybrid bag drops that have the flexibility to operate in either full self-service or agent assisted mode. Elenium’s bag drop is the most technically advanced on the market, using cameras that automatically zoom and focus to find the bag tag barcode achieving a 95% accurate first-time bag read rate.

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