Flight Deck

Full monitoring and management of your self-service fleet of devices


Flight Deck

Monitor, manage and report on your self-service fleet

Flight Deck provides full monitoring and management capabilities for your self-service fleet of devices, including kiosks, bag drops and boarding gates. It is delivered as a web portal over a HTTPS connection providing remote monitoring capability. It also provides text message and email alerts to users enabling prompt attention to customer queries, replenishment of consumables and on-going maintenance. This reduces device down-time and improves airport passenger processing efficiency.

Flight Deck’s architecture has been designed to automatically scale as more devices are added without impacting performance and provides users ease of management by enabling multiple views and permissions.

Designed and developed using microservice architecture, Flight Deck works with Elenium and third-party self-service products and a range of automation applications providing users with a single interface to manage their airport automation devices.

  • Summary of all devices and their current status (battery power, components, network status and etc.);
  • Real time monitoring of devices both in group view and single device view;
  • Filter devices to easily identify devices by characteristic;
  • Open, close, power cycle and test devices and their components (including printers) by individual device or groups of devices;
  • Generating reports for analytics and billing purposes

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