Giving all passengers the voice

Navigating around an airport, figuring out where to check-in, where to drop off baggage and which customs queue to join can be confusing when you are in an airport for the first time, even if you are a frequent traveller.

For those who are travelling with children or are first time travellers the challenge becomes even greater. 

Self service kiosks, bag drop and biometric gates pose numerous challenges when you are juggling squirming children, prams and baggage or when you are not sure which tag to stick where. Ground support staff are generally needed throughout the process, diminishing the independence of these travellers while adding to the resources needed within the airport. In SITA’s recent Passenger IT Insights one of the stand-out findings was that passengers are more satisfied when using self service technology rather than relying on face-to-face service.

Independence escalates satisfaction

Being able to navigate through the check-in process without relying on others (where possible) would be ideal. Many airports are working hard on this passenger experience with dedicated navigation apps, assistant apps and more. How about voice recognition technology and biometrics as part of this solution?

Voice is already at home

Voice recognition in home automation has provided additional efficiency to families in their homes, Alexa can manage the shopping lists and turn on and off devices while helping children find answers to their homework. Heathrow Airport enables passengers to simply ask Alexa for flight updates while  United Airlines, in conjunction with Google Assistant have enabled passengers to check-in with a simple “Hey Google, check-in to my flight”. According to the IATA Global Passenger Survey 45% of passengers already prefer biometric identification to using their passport for improved airport experience and 86% of passengers embrace self-service bag drop, highlighting their desire for autonomy.

Biometrics and voice

Voice recognition technology combined with biometrics could provide a personalised seamless journey for all travellers, regardless of age, ability or experience at an airport. At Elenium our Voyager solution enables the check-in process via voice recognition and audio. From check-in to bag drop, to duty free shopping and passing through security we combine biometric technology with voice technology and audio to recognise and assist the passenger throughout the whole process.


Statistics show that all passengers would prefer as much independence as possible as they navigate through the airport processes. With the technology options we have at our disposal today, it is within our capability to provide this, enhancing passenger satisfaction, independence and airport productivity. Win/Win

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