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The rise of touchless travel

The touchless travel blueprint unveiled, almost 30 different areas in the passenger journey that are [...]

Tagless travel is here

Our Voyager solution has been highlighted by Future Terminal Experience as one of the top innovations that [...]

Evolving self-service

At Elenium our focus is on common use and in particular self-service common use.

A voice at the biometrics symposium

In June, Elenium, was asked to be part of a prestigious Biometrics Symposium at the [...]

Giving all passengers the voice

Navigating around an airport, figuring out where to check-in, where to drop off baggage and [...]

Towards passenger utopia – one bag at a time

As a frequent traveller my ideal airport experience would be to get through the check-in [...]

Where did my bag tag go?

Visitors to Passenger Terminal Expo in London last week were intrigued by Elenium’s bag drop [...]

Escalating Innovation in Aviation

I finished University shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall. Politically and socially it [...]

Where does innovation happen?

The Pulitzer award winning book by Jared Diamond who explores why some nations survived and [...]

Disruption management – the new norm

Holidays are a time of fun, family reunions and travel for my family. Variable weather [...]

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