Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport, winner of the AAA National Airport Industry Awards Customer Experience Award, is committed to continually improving the airport experience by responding to feedback, using new technology and delivering initiatives to enhance the overall airport experience.  Sydney Airport was Elenium’s very first customer in 2016 and in these past years we have grown with the airport. 


Elenium has provided over 150 common use self-service kiosks, distributed across Sydney Airport.

The common use kiosks can be used by multiple airlines and can be moved as needed to meet varied demand across the airport and in response to phases of disruption. 

Ease of maintenance is a key feature and mobile battery charging trolleys that recharge batteries and then provide an easy method of transporting the batteries through the terminal to the area where the kiosks are positioned were also included in the solution.

“Exception handling” kiosks to improve customer experience have been introduced to allow the airline to be flexible in their approach to expanding capacity when needed. Even airlines using traditional check-in desks are now using them to manage exceptions like visa checks without requiring additional staff.

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