Elenium Automation partners with Micro-X to automate security screening

Elenium part of international team that has secured two contracts with the US Government’s Department of Homeland Security

Melbourne: 18 October 2021: Elenium Automation has entered a strategic contract with ASX listed X-ray technology company Micro-X Ltd to introduce next-generation security processing into airports globally.

Elenium Automation builds self-service systems in Victoria, Australia designed to make the airport experience effortless. Using biometrics and touchless technologies, Elenium enables the passenger to walk into the terminal, drop off their bag, be screened for symptoms of illness, and continue to the lounge or boarding gate without having to touch a boarding pass, bag tag or screen.

In September 2021, Micro-X executed two contracts with the US Government’s Department of Homeland Security to firstly design and manufacture a miniature X-ray baggage scanner and secondly to integrate this into a self-screening security portal for airport passengers.  Elenium has been selected as a key contractor to Micro-X, Inc. with other relevant industry experts, to design and test the self-screening security portal.

The prototype for a new, miniature CT baggage scanner detects hidden threats concealed within passenger carry-on luggage. The voice-controlled booth eliminates the traditional, multi-step screening process, ensures passengers are never separated from their baggage and allows passengers to take control over their own security screening through an intuitive, self-service workflow, similar to an automated passport control gate or checkout at the grocery store. A single portal will be approximately 1/20 the total footprint of a conventional sequential lane, enabling many different deployments to the checkpoint to best utilise the area.

Once the security portal trial is underway, Elenium’s HealthGate technology, a scanning system that detects potential symptoms of infectious illness can be integrated with Micro-X’s security screening technology.

Brian Gonzalez, Chief Scientist and General Manager of Micro-X’s US Business Unit, said: “Every traveller has an airport security horror story to tell, and it is exciting that this innovative international team is now positioned to improve future air travel for all. Elenium’s expertise in developing automation tools for aviation across all areas of passenger processing – from health screening to check-in, bag drop and boarding – has played a key role in securing the DHS trial. We look forward to seeing the technology deployed and working together to create a better customer experience.”

Elenium Automation CEO and co-founder, Aaron Hornlimann, said: “This relationship is testament to the expertise and credibility Elenium has established in helping airlines and airports improve their passenger experience and efficiency.

“The aviation industry now has a unique opportunity to modernise its infrastructure and make the passenger experience seamless, safe and enjoyable, giving back confidence to the travelling public impacted by the global pandemic. We are thrilled to be working with Micro-X to implement efficient, touchless and confidence-building automation tools for airports.”

Elenium’s VYGR range of products for the aviation industry support an automated home to gate passenger experience, without the complex IT systems that usually limit the use of automation. Elenium’s products can be found in airports of all sizes, from Queenstown in New Zealand, Avalon in Geelong to Hong Kong International Airport and in Abu Dhabi.

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