Elenium, an Amazon Web Services Travel and Hospitality Partner, is reimagining the airport experience.

We believe the airport and airline passenger experience we have all become accustomed to needs to be challenged. With the advent of Amazon, iPhone, Tesla and Netflix, airports seemed trapped in an earlier decade where passenger experience is akin to being wrangled through a terminal, rather than enjoying a seamless journey. Our vision of “technology that moves you faster”, using self-service with computer vision, voice recognition, biometrics and AWS cloud platforms not only provides value for the passenger, but also the industry.

Digital, efficient freight operations
Making freight operations efficient means airlines need to know where each load of freight is, manage and adapt to disruptions and automate the manual data entry tasks which still occur . With Elenium’s Track and Trace, using AWS Fargate, airlines can automate scale at peak times and downscale as demand drops. For example, Fargate can automatically double our capacity when it observes a spike in usage at around 6am when all the big international freighters arrive at the same time. AWS Lambda triggers alerts based on scheduled functions, for example sending an alert when a piece of freight containing refrigerated goods had been left in an unrefrigerated area.

Seamless airport
With a focus on enhancing the passenger experience, Voyager was developed by Elenium in partnership with Etihad and Amazon Web Services to truly make the airport experience seamless. Using biometrics, voice recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, Voyager eliminates the need to scan boarding passes, manual data entry and confusing user interfaces.
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Voice recognition
To ease the airport process for disabled passengers and ensure the hygiene of self-service devices we have used Amazon Transcribe/Translate/Lex to make our self-service devices touchless and able to understand and respond to voice. The voice audio is converted from the device to text, then translated for Lex to work out the intent, for example, if a passenger says “I would like to upgrade my seat” Lex would analyse the sentence and match it to the “Upgrade Seat” intent. Even in a noisy airport environment voices can be recognised using a combination of motion-detection and directional microphones.
Watch how voice recognition works in a loud airport environment

Touchless ID reading
With the advent of Covid-19, contactless document reading has become a factor in minimising the potential spread of contagion via touch. Documents such as passports, ID cards or drivers licences can be read and scanned using Amazon Textract.

Entry screening
Elenium Vitals touchlessly evaluates key vital signs including temperature, heart and heart respiration rate and can ask questions as part of the health check process. Amazon Medical Transcribe provides a medical-focussed service that gives greater accuracy when recognising and understanding medical terminology and phrases. Amazon Rekognition with other artificial intelligence to identifies people and processes their requests without the need to physically touch anything.

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